About Us

Founded in 1975 in Vancouver by Doreen Braverman, The Flag Shop was the first specialty flag shop of its kind in Canada, and your one-stop shopping destination for anything related to flags. Over the past 41 years, we have expanded our product line to offer more than just flags, we are also known for our custom products such as street banners, tents, umbrellas, feather flags, commercial & residential flagpoles, trade show displays, promotional products, and so much more. The Flag Shop, currently with 13 retail locations cross Canada, remains a family business and is currently owned and operated by Doreen’s daughter, Susan Braverman.

The Flag Shop’s involvement with the gay pride movement began in 1978 when we produced RAINBOW flags and decals in support of the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. Members and friends of our team participated in the June 25, 1978 event.

Immediately afterward, we began manufacturing flags for the Canadian gay community in recognition of its history, courage and diversity. While demand in the early years was muted, as the Rainbow Flag transformed into the main symbol of unity for the gay rights movement, requests continued to grow and with support from the PRIDE & LGBT community we were able to invest in the development of new products which celebrate the future.

The Flag Shop continues to work with Canada’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2 Spirited & Allies communities in support of their efforts to end discrimination and violence, while promoting self-affirmation, dignity and equality rights.

Read our full press release:

May 25, 2015
The Flag Shop Vancouver Supports PRIDE’S Trans Equality Now Campaign (PDF)

Our Anti-Bullying Initiative

The Flag Shop recognizes that bullying is a serious problem, much bigger than people may even be aware of, or are willing to admit. Many (if not most) Canadians have encountered bullying behaviour, and in 2015, after two years of preparation, we launched The Flag Shop’s Anti-Bullying initiative to raise awareness that “EVERY Day is Anti-Bullying Day”.

Whether it occurs in our schools, workplaces, or is associated with racial, gender or sexual preferences, bullying behaviour is unacceptable! Our initiative offers a positive message of helping those who need our help.

We encourage all the LGBTTIQQ2SA communities to embrace this awareness campaign to make the world a safer place for everyone. Please visit www.antibullyingflag.ca for more information.